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Each project is unique and tailored accordingly; Which means  the scope, design style and process are developed around the projects' specific  needs.  Below are a few sample projects to showcase  the breadth of Studio 3's work.

case studies
Mikki Rae Little Ones Branding

01 / mikki Rae little ones

Studio 3 Design Co. worked with Mikki Rae Little Ones to design a visual identity that communicates the company's core values and celebrates its unique differences; a baby brand that offers comfortable and easy-to-wear outfits in neutral palettes.  Developing a strong and    consistent visual presence prior to launch  aided in a very direct, memorable and professional first impression.

Mikki Rae

02 / something Personalized

Something Personalized is a boutique in Toronto, specializing in unique and timeless personalized gifts for babies, children and adults. Their quality products are a combination of curated brands their clients already know and love, as well as private label products from around the world. Together, we’ve built a beautiful, cohesive and aligned identity; one that projects the unique, sophisticated and approachable Something Personalized  brand.

Something Personalized Bag_edited.jpg
Something Personalized
Pureyay_Social Media Graphics-08.jpg

03 / pureyay baby organics

Pureyay baby organics is a locally sourced and made food subscription. Pureyay meets babies’ nutritional needs at every stage from purées to finger foods. The menu is full of colours and flavours which are reflective in the visual brand identity. Studio 3  worked with founder Amy, to develop a brand identity that communicates the Pureyay vision.


04 / Ryan wood real estate

Ryan Wood Real Estate is a client-centric full-service real estate agency, lifestyle and concierge based in Toronto.   RWRE required a visual identity that encompassed, well, Ryan himself. So we kept it personal, with a signature style logo mark.

Ryan Wood
flo meats.jpg

05 / florence meats

Florence Meats is a second generation boutique butcher in the community of Oakville. Studio 3 worked with Florence Meats  to develop a website that reflects their brand, highlights their business and meets their clients’ online needs. 

Florence Meats

06 / becked goods

Becked Goods offers a range of delicious food for all occasions.  With a new midtown Toronto shop, and a growing business, Becked Goods approached Studio 3 to develop a professional, consistent identity. We worked together to ensure the identity reflected the approachable, professional and high quality nature of the business.

Becked Goods_Brand Identity-14_edited.jpg
Becked Goods
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