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An In-Depth Look at the Design Process

While every project is truly unique (and naturally tailored to fit), the process generally follows the same sequence, give or take. Below is an in-depth look at the brand process, start to finish.


We determine the objective, discuss the details and make a plan. The initial discovery can begin through email or call, and is followed by an in-take form.

02 / QUOTE

The quote includes an itemized scope, projected fees and a general timeframe, including start date.


I take a deep dive into the responses from the in-take form, looking at competitors, strengths, audience and unique offerings. These critical details lay the foundation of your visual identity. What is uncovered here will be used to make design decisions.


Studio 3 believes in a 2 concept process. I of course create about a dozen more options, but only present the ones I fully stand behind for your project. Therefore, from a strategic perspective, you can't go wrong. At that point, it's really about which design speaks to you. Your logo is the forefront of your branding, but I also showcase the other brand elements and mock them up in real application. It's important to see how each brand option comes together. The other brand components vary, depending on the given identity, but some examples include various logo layout to ensure flexibility, branded backgrounds or patterns, other illustrations or branded phrases.

In our first big meeting I present the strategy, concepts + design directions. We review in-depth and discuss any initial feedback. Sometimes decisions are made during the conversation, other times clients need a few days to review or share with their most-trusted people. At this point, a design direction is selected and any additional feedback is provided.


After selecting the winning concept we refine any details until it’s a perfect fit.


All approved artwork is saved in the various file formats required (think JPEG, PNG, PDF). I also provide instructions to best understand when to use each option. A guideline is also provided that includes the details and usage for the pieces developed.


Any brand applications you require in the future, can be developed during or after the fact, at any time. These can include social media graphics, business card design and signage design. With an established strategy, vision and design direction, the process for designing branded touch points is a quick and direct.

More questions? Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the Studio 3 About Page.


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